About the Forum
The forum represents a valuable resource to interact with both staff and fellow students concerning a whole range of issues, including asking and discussing theological questions, posting information on resources, sharing news, socialising and forging friendships, asking fellow students about course-related issues, and so on. The software permits you to edit your profile, change how the forum looks on your screen, upload an image or avatar, set up messaging when new posts are added etc.
Forum Rules
Please be polite and friendly. Don't rant. Be thoughtful. Value this resource. Remember this is an Evangelical Christian community so act in accordance with the college's core values. Equally important is not to stifle sincere theological discussion. This is a learning community (albeit one which shares a high view of Scripture and a strong commitment to Evangelical mores), so be tolerant of views appropriately, respectfully and courteously expressed which you may disagree with. Conversely, we ask any non-Evangelical students to express utmost regard for the college's Evangelical worldview,  not seeking to promote positions which are incompatible with orthodox, historic and mainstream Evangelical Christianity and would be offensive to Evangelical students. As long as the forum is used as a vehicle for learning, genuine and thoughtful debate, and sharing information and news, everything will be fine.
Please note any views expressed in the forum are those of individuals and are not necessarily those of Christ the Redeemer College. 
By participating in the forum you acknowledge and agree to abide by the above conditions.