This page provides links to external online apps and tools designed to assist students in their studies. At the time of publication these apps were free (apps for purchase are listed at the bottom of the page). Please inform CRC if you come across any broken links.
2-letter look-up (biblical languages)
Easy to use lexicon for Greek and Hebrew. You don't need to type in any Greek letters. Simply select the first three letters from the display and a list of possible matches will be presented. Simply select your Greek word for a definition. [note: to see the results in a Greek font, find the link titled "Set Configuration" to see results in Greek font on the left-hand side of the page]
Bible Gateway Bible (concordance, Bible languages, exegesis)
Instant access to various English versions of the Bible, as well as different language versions. Look up verses instantly and compare with other versions.
Google Scholar (resource search tool)
A valuable resource to help you trace references and full-text access to journal articles and books available on the Internet. 
BibleMap (geography, topography)
Ever read the Bible and think little of the names of places? To those who've never been to Israel they're usually meaningless names. But understanding geography can represent a major part of first-stage exegesis. This useful little tool is ideal for getting to know the lands of the Bible. Simply select the Bible book/chapter and the map plots the locations.
Cite This For Me (citation, bibliographies)
Web-based citation and referencing tool which allows you to search online for books, journals and other resources, choose a citation format (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago), then generate and download a full bibliography. Ensures consistency throughout your paper, while the search function saves you loads of time entering the full citation details.
Evernote (Internet research, source storage and organisation)
Useful app which works across various platforms to help you organise, manage and access all your sources, websites, notes, ideas, photos, etc. "Collect information from anywhere into a single place. From text notes to web pages to files to snapshots, everything is always at your fingertips".
Though not a direct link to an actual app, the above website contains various small, useful Bible and theology apps for download to your smartphone or tablet. Some are free, others cost a small fee.
Pocket (Internet, web research)
Save webpages and Internet sources to your device to read when you are away from an Internet connection. Also allows you to organise the surces you download into a library for access at any time.
Zotero (citation, source storage and organisation, Internet research)
A Firefox extension that lets you "collect, manage, and cite your research sources" from within your web browser.
Cheap but excellent iPhone and iPad pdf reader and organiser. Download, maintain and annotate your PDF library of journal articles, eletcronic books and other documents. Represents excellent value for what it does, but note this is for iOS platform app.