The nature of the Internet is such that the quality of information varies enormously.  Students must be careful of using sites that are not of sufficient academic standard. This VLEe therefore provides a carefully selected directory of useful links that students may use to further their research. All of these web sites are free. Please inform IT of any broken links you may encounter.
An especially helpful site is the Internet for Religious Studies and Theology which is a free, interactive tutorial for improving Internet research skills.
IMPORTANT: Please note that while the following resources are useful for introductory and background study, much of the content is not suitable for citation in essays. Students are expected to be careful when selecting bibliographic material for assignments. Articles that are suitable for citation can be found on individual module pages.
1. General Biblical Resources
   (Links to dictionaries, commentaries, journals, study Bibles and other general resources)
2. Theological Search Engines, Directories and Portals
   (Links to dedicated theological search engines and other sites useful for research)
3. Hermeneutics and Exegesis
   (Links to introductory and advanced material on hermeneutics and exegesis)
4. Archaeology and Early Church History
   (Links to Bible atlases, early church writings, and archaeological resources)

Not quite as comprehensive as the Holman Bible Dictionary (see below) but still outstanding is this web site featuring all 1000+ pages of the acclaimed Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (1996 edition).
Outstanding general resource site largely provided by Dallas Theological Seminary. Highly recommended for many general Biblical Studies material.
Excellent Bible reference sites. Excellent range of Bibles online. Includes other useful material such as concordances, topical indexes and study tools.
Outstanding repository of online journal articles useful for academic Biblical studies. By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt of the Biblical Studies Dept at Gordon College, USA
Outstanding Resources for New and Old Testament studies. Especially helpful for bibliographies. Contains numerous journal articles and book extracts online. Highly recommended.
Site containing a range of biblical resources pitched at all levels, with material and teaching by Craig Bloomberg, Gerald Bray, John Piper, Bill Mounce, and others.
An extraordinary resource. Dr Thomas Constable is Senior Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. This site provides over 7000 pages of Bible commentary from classes delivered at Dallas Theological Seminary. They are continually updated and thus a treasure trove of recent, reliable, academic material. Highly recommended, especially for the copious introductions to books of the Bible. However, not suitable for citation.
There are many Bible dictionaries freely available on the Internet but most are either outdated or lack detail. This superb resource from Broadman and Holman features the entire text of the 1500 page, 1991 edition of the Holman Bible Dictionary.
This is a remarkable resource. The IVP NT Commentaries are recent, scholarly works that cover the whole New Testament. First rate scholars contributing to this series include Craig Keener, Darrell Bock, Walter Liefeld, Gordon Fee and J. Ramsey Michaels. The commentaries are similar in style to the Tyndale commentaries so are well suited for academic study. Note that not all NT commentaries are currently available. 
A "must-use" resource for students embarking on serious exegetical study of the Bible. The NET bible is a recently produced Internet study Bible from Dallas Theological Seminary that provides comprehensive translation notes to each chapter. Highly recommended.
This site lists free, full text, scholarly journals. Contains some good theological periodicals such as Denver Journal, Review of Biblical Literature
Provided by Dr Mark Goodacre of Duke University, the NT Gateway contains a vast compendium of links on all aspects of new Testament studies. Of particular use, is the "all in one" Biblical resources search that automatically searches a range of useful information.
This academically orientated subsection of the Google search site that serves as a useful starting point for finding theological information.  It is particularly strong at finding references in journals.
Tyndale House Online Resources
The Tyndale House web site has an extremely useful section providing online resources on a wide range of subjects in Biblical studies. Especially useful is the book search which can be used to find whether complete books or selected chapters of books are available to be viewed online. To access the resources followed the link called "œonline resources" on the left hand menu of the Tyndale House web site.
Excellent for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture. Some excellent journal articles available online a useful bibliography for hermeneutics. Highly recommended.
Helpful material from Richard Ascough, Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek at Queen's University in Canada.
Very helpful guidelines on Biblical Exegesis from the Bethlehem Institute
This is a large site with plenty of material that will benefit the student of Bible history and geography. Those taking part in our yearly study trip to Israel  will especially find this site useful (see, for example, some details on 1st c. Jerusalem's history, geography and topography).
Home of the world-famous Biblical Archaeological Review. Some useful materials are available here, including some journal articles.
Very useful Internet Resource for Studying the Early Church. Especially strong on provision of bibliographies and online journal articles. Highly Recommended.
Outstanding background material from Prof. Darrell Bock, one of the leading scholars on the gospels and life of Jesus.
Directory of links focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world. Compiled by Torrey Seland, Professor of New Testament Studies, School of Mission and Theology, Norway.